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The Cuckoo’s Nest

Greg was sensible. He actually was. Most of my patients were either highschool drop outs or they’d simply graduated highschool by the pores and skin of their teeth.

Greg was an electrical engineer.

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He was a tall, skinny black man. Yet another of my patients with a permanent lump on his forehead that made it look like he’d simply gotten his ass kicked. Or maybe like he was growing a horn. Greg was properly spoken and from French Guiana. He all the time wore an old, virtually see by way of, white tshirt and the hospital issued khaki scrubs. What he did not put on Shoes. Not even the flip flops we handed out to be used as shower sneakers.

That was what my preliminary contact with Greg was about. Psych hospitals are nasty places and walking around barefoot may very well be (IS) actually nasty. Greg didn’t care. He did not share why he wouldn’t put on footwear then. He was suspicious. He trusted No one. Completely Nobody.

And those who trust no one, my associates, are my specialty. I can not HAVE a affected person that doesn’t trust me. Once I study of their distrust I make it (nearly) my principal mission… You will Trust ME! You will see THAT NOT Everyone is Bad!

When the patients first come in they are requested hundreds of questions and one of those questions is if they’re indigent. Greg was. Then they’re offered a slip of paper requesting indigent funds. The State will give them $30 a month to purchase something they may want except for the requirements we already provide for them. Most of our patients used that $30 for snacks from the commissary.

Nobody wanted to take a seat and watch as others drank their Pepsi and ate a sweet bar whereas that they had nothing.

However Greg would not sign the paper. He did not need his signature anywhere. He needed it made clear that he By no means was okay with being in that hospital. In his thoughts, signing his title wherever on something whereas within the hospital would inform Someone that he accepted being there.

I took psychological note of that.
While we performed our daily card video games I realized that Greg can be sitting all by himself, normally studying a e book or enjoying solitaire. Though he appeared considering becoming a member of in our games, he did not appear incredibly tolerant of the high school drop outs. They usually didn’t even understand what Greg was saying when he spoke. He was too clever for them.

And by now it is best to know that I won’t let somebody simply sit by themselves, especially if they’ve shown any interest in socializing.

So in the future I asked Greg if he’d like to play a recreation. Our unit had a bookshelf stuffed with video games that nobody ever performed. We by no means even knew if they’d all of the pieces or not. I remember we had Monopoly, Life, Threat, Connect 4, and tons of jigsaw puzzles. There were some video games that required the original papers to play, like Yahtzee. After which there have been video games that required drawing or appearing but nobody wanted to ever show the least little bit of weakness and drawing or appearing was seen as a weakness there.

We had Scrabble, though. It was another sport that sat on those shelves without end. They didn’t even need to play it if you let them use slang words.

Greg wanted to play Scrabble. I watched as he made sure that all the tiles had been there and once they weren’t I watched as he acquired into our second Scrabble sport to scour for a lacking tile. For some purpose we had a kind of purple Crown Royal baggage for the tiles and that made Greg fairly comfortable, that the drawing of the tiles was completely random.

Our first sport of Scrabble, I did not know just HOW sensible Greg was. When he used words that seemed questionable I didn’t say something. When he knew practically all the 2 letter words that could possibly be used I perked up a bit. But when he demanded that I know what QAT was, regardless that he knew it was an accepted Scrabble word, I knew I used to be in bother. Our sport grew to become completely different. You couldn’t use a word until you knew what it meant. When I might try to use words that I knew have been accepted however Didn’t know what they meant (SUQ), Greg was keen to inform me.

We played at the very least one Scrabble sport a day while he was there. I would say I won one in three games with him. I am ok with that. He WAS NOT. Greg wasn’t used to coping with anybody challenging his intelligence in anyway and took insult to losing to me, But every day I played I gained a tiny little bit of belief.

I don’t remember the crime Greg had been charged with that sent him to our hospital. If it was anything scary or critical I’d remember. If it was anything menial I would remember, too. It was during one of those Scrabble games that Greg instructed me he’d spent some time in prison.

That definitely wasn’t uncommon for the place I worked. Actually, I’d have been shocked to listen to that I EVER had someone who’d by no means spent a yr or two in jail, however with Greg… I really WAS stunned.

He went on to inform me that he’d been in there for rape. For a minute I thought I would been duped. There I’d been tricked into sitting one on one with a rapist. I might been manipulated! However he continued. Greg advised me that when he was in faculty he didn’t have any friends and that he actually did not let that bother him. He’d gone to an all African-American faculty and was seen as being a nerd and thinking he was smarter than everybody else. Then, one day, he met a woman in the campus library. From his story you could inform that he’d actually preferred her and that she’d really like him. They ended up having sex the night time they met. However the following day, when the woman advised one among her friends who she’d been with the night before, her associates began making enjoyable of her. The taunting went on for days earlier than the girl changed her story. Now her story was that Greg had raped her.

To this present day, I consider his story. In the entire time I spent playing Scrabble with him he was by no means inappropriate. I do not know what was said in his trial that made his guilt certain in the eyes of the regulation, but I imagine his model of the story.

So… we’ll go on.
It was additionally throughout a type of Scrabble video games that Greg advised me why he did not wear sneakers. At one point Greg had gotten athletes foot. He did not have cash to buy the over the counter medicine to deal with it so it festered… for a very long time. I can not tell you ways lengthy he let it go but he bought to the purpose where he thought the only answer could be to soak his ft in straight bleach. He’d had open areas on his toes however simply saved them immersed in that bleach until he could not stand it any longer. I guess he did this daily for who knows how lengthy and his toes were falling apart. I’ll spare the grotesque details however after he got his feet healed up he’d determined he wouldn’t put on footwear once more. And yes… I know that doesn’t make sense however YOU try telling that to somebody who is aware of he’s smarter than everybody he is aware of.

In the future after i arrived at work I instantly noticed that Greg had footwear on. White tennis footwear. I didn’t have time to test it out earlier than really forgetting he had them on but I positive came upon during giger shirt dinner.

Half 2 coming giger shirt up! I’ll attempt to complete this tomorrow. I understand it’s too long so…

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