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Flinch For Free Stuff (Well… Nearly)

Customer: “This shirt is quite nice. How much is it “.
Women's Desgin Little Blue Frog Short Sleeve  Tops TeesSalesperson: “That’s one of our most popular shirts. It’s only $150”.

Customer: “$150! Surely no one would pay that much for it “.
More often than not, the salesperson will immediately reduce their price.

The idea of the flinch is to make the salesperson feel uncomfortable with the price they’ve just offered you. To make themselves feel comfortable again (as people tend to do), they’ll offer a reduced price that they know you’ll accept.

‘The Flinch’ isn’t for everyone. People may find it manipulative or simply embarrassing. Simply for experimentation purposes, I’ve tried it myself a number of times to great effect. It’s nearly always rendered me great results. It does feel a bit cheap though, so it isn’t something I do often.

The retaliation
If you find yourself in a position where someone flinches at an offer you make, they may be doing the flinch on you. Even if it isn’t a tactical move, your response should be the same:

Don’t falter and back peddle
Don’t try to justify the price, keep the focus on the benefits of the product/service
Call them on their move. This has to be really subtle and it doesn’t require them having actually made a ‘move’. For example: “C’mon now, this is a great price I’m giving you. elementary school t shirt You can’t find quality like this for elementary school t shirt less than this price”. This should be said sincerely; you don’t want to make them feel cheap.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried this or report back if you go out and try it. I think you may be surprised at the results!

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