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Merrick’s Artwork // Type + Sewing For The Everyday GirlPolo Refashion #2 (Tutorial)

Cut off the collar. Set it aside to use later.
step two. Strive the shirt on backward (buttons within buy bulk t shirts for printing the back) and mark the brand new neck gap with pins. Then minimize out the neck gap, as shown beneath with the dotted line.

Men's Hypnotic Lines Art Custom Long Sleeve Tee Shirt

salvage as long of a strip as potential and iron it flat (as seen with the underside strip in the photograph beneath).

now fold it in half, fallacious sides together, and press it flat. This will be the “ribbing” in buy bulk t shirts for printing your neckline. For those who can’t get an extended enough piece, simply use a few items and sew them collectively.

step six. attempt the shirt on and decide how much you need buy bulk t shirts for printing to soak up on the sleeves and the sides. Then lay the shirt flat on the ground and pin in place. Then sew from the sleeve hem to the shirt hem with a straight stitch. Trim the seam allowance and serge or zigzag your uncooked edge (non-compulsory since knits don’t fray).

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