10 DC Superheroes That can Defeat Superman

This article means to debunk the popular opinion that Superman is a bit too overpowered he most certainly will not be (within the DC universe anyway). With out losing time, listed here are 10 superheroes who might defeat #Superman in the event that they had to. That is excluding gods and people who’ve the powers of gods (e.g. The Spectre, The Phantom Stranger, New Gods, and so on.)

1. Captain Atom

Captain Atom’s energy itself is a match for Superman, however there may be one thing else that may give him the advantage: Captain Atom can absorb and expel radiation, including pink sun radiation, as proven here:

Nonetheless, as you possibly can see within the video, Superman could still beat #CaptainAtom. But, if Captain Atom can absorb and expel any radiation, which means he could launch blasts of kryptonite radiation. If he actually can absorb radiation, does not that imply he can absorb the solar radiation inside Superman? In this way, Captain Atom might beat Superman quite easily.

2. The Atom

Sure, the Atom and Captain Atom are two different heroes. The Atom (like the title suggests) can shrink all the way down to subatomic sizes. Heck, he can turn out to be so small that he rides gentle and sound waves. So, he may paralyze Superman or worse, by destroying some part of his mind. He might do what his Earth-three counterpart did to Superman and stab a sliver of inexperienced kryptonite inside his body, inflicting Superman to become critically sick and weak. If left there for long enough, he’ll die.

Three. Doctor Fate

Magic is a famous weakness of Superman’s, so who higher to oppose him than one of the world’s biggest magicians? Even if you are a magician, it is probably going that Superman can still beat you (e.g. break Zatanna’s voice box earlier than a single phrase escapes from her tongue), however in case you are #DoctorFate, you then stand more than just an opportunity against Superman. With access to one of the powerful spells ever created, Dr. Fate may give Superman a fate worse than demise.

4. Shazam

Whereas we’re on the subject of magic, #Shazam is one other person who could beat Superman. Shazam’s energy is equal to Superman’s, however the truth that the origin of his energy is magic gives him the higher hand. All the things that Shazam can throw at Superman will harm the Man of Steel. Shazam is mainly Superman with extra, magical powers. You can see in the video under that Superman admits he can’t beat Shazam:

5. The Flash

Many individuals overlook the #Flash. Sure, he is fast very fast; a lot faster than Superman.

Together with his unimaginable speed, Flash can do issues comparable to:

There are many ways the Flash could beat (and even kill) Superman. Listed below are a few of my ideas:

– Lure Superman up to now or the longer term
– Scramble his mind
– Vibrate his hand by way of Superman and tear his coronary heart out.
– Lure Superman in the Velocity Force.

6. Martian Manhunter

Yep, this man can hold his personal against your complete Justice League! He is far stronger than Superman, and that is not even the one way he can beat and kill him. He is one of the most powerful telepaths in the DC universe he might drive Superman crazy, trap Superman in his own thoughts, or “fry” his mind. J’onzz may turn into intangible so Superman’s assaults move harmlessly by means of him. Moreover, Superman even admits that Martian Manhunter can be powerful to beat.

7. Wonder Girl

If it were a pure combat of brawn, then Superman would finally win, as he is stronger than #WonderWoman, but that doesn’t suggest she can’t inflict some critical damage on him.

However there may be one thing that Surprise Lady always has by her aspect that might simply kill Superman:

Yes, Wonder Girl’s sword can lower Superman, meaning it may well kill him too. Marvel Girl’s magical weapons, her power and her Amazonian abilities could easily enable her to defeat Superman.

Eight. The Inexperienced Lanterns

I believe that any Inexperienced Lantern that has knowledge of Superman’s weaknesses can beat him (create a portal and ship Superman hurtling into a red sun), however I picked a Green Lantern that can very simply defeat Superman. His title is Ch’p. Simply watch and study:

So, yeah, that occurred a squirrel took down some of the highly effective beings in all of fiction.

9. Firestorm

Firestorm has demonstrated the ability to fly at implausible (but unmeasured) speeds, to render himself intangible and thereby pass through strong objects harmlessly, to generate destructive and concussive blasts of fusion energy from his arms, to absorb radiation, and display superhuman levels of energy.

Nonetheless, his signature capability is the ability to rearrange the atomic and subatomic construction of inorganic matter, creating objects of various atomic traits of equal mass. For example, he can turn oxygen into gold and even create kryptonite. So, he can use this capability to vary the oxygen surrounding Superman into kryptonite. He may additionally absorb the solar radiation inside Superman, easily beating the Man of Steel.

10. Plastic Man

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I wager you didn’t see this coming. For my part, #PlasticMan is extremely underrated. He has malleable physiology, density control, malleability (elasticity/plasticity), measurement alteration, shape-shifting, superhuman agility, superhuman strength invulnerability, regeneration, immortality, telepathic immunity and rubber organs. So, this guy is actually a really highly effective superhero who may very easily defeat and kill Superman. Here is simply considered one of many ways Plastic Man could kill Superman:

So what did you guys assume? Agree or disagree? Share your ideas within the comments beneath!

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